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Technology Contact:
The Edaphix® technology is continuing to evolve and is being helped by a growing network of collaborators and scientists. New research plots and demonstration by early-adopters and skilled practitioners are continuously being implemented. Edaphix® has three primary areas of research: rangeland, turf and reclamation. In all cases, products and strategies have been developed to promote the growth of perennial grasses as the primary desirable plant type allowing them to outcompete unwelcome, early-successional invasive plants. We aspire to create a world with healthy grasslands growing in nutrient-dense, healthy soil.

Consulting Contact:
Unique sites create unique challenges that depend on management goals and site-specific conditions. Boots on the ground are often required. Email us about bringing the combined Edaphix® products and consulting skills to your grassland challenges. Our consulting business skills include soil chemistry evaluation, fertility assessment, soil health and vegetation management. Scientific research projects may also be warranted to demonstrate site-specific vegetation response to fertility treatments implemented under a particular set of edaphic and climatic conditions. Changes in management, likewise, may be companion strategies that can be monitored and modeled to improve soil health and the associated plant community.

Investor Contact:
Edaphix® is developing a portfolio of disruptive green technologies for soil health that sequesters carbon in soil, minimizes or eliminates synthetic herbicide use, promotes growth of healthy nutrient-dense food, and reduces rangeland fire hazard. Massive commercial opportunities are evident. Our unique patent portfolio provides for limited marketplace competition. We are a home-grown start-up with big aspirations. We prioritize product quality and business stability and take a long-term view on market adoption. We expect high demand for our products as their remarkable efficacy becomes apparent to end-users. Investment capital may be required as we grow, but we are not currently seeking venture funding.