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Our Mission

To naturally activate soil health using full-spectrum nutrient additions to deter invasive weed pressure by promoting the vigorous growth of desirable plants.

Our Vision

Soils are the backbone of rural agricultural economies, the home of iconic wildlife, and the source of food for our communities and the world.

Our soils are also at risk. Tens of millions of acres of grasslands have been degraded and are imperiled by catastrophic wildfire and seemingly irreversible ecological decline. Croplands are eroding at rates 10x faster than soils can be built. Invasive plants are spreading and quickly despite prevalent use of conventional petrochemical techniques. Effective options are few. Alternative and healthier strategies are required.

Enter Edaphix with an innovative platform of patented and ground-breaking products for soil restoration. We envision a world where Edaphix’s micronutrient-rich products power the restoration of rangeland, turfgrass and agricultural landscapes by reducing invasive weed prevalence, improving soil quality, enhancing carbon sequestration, increasing the nutrient density of food, improving water quality, and improving human health.

Our Values

e·daph·ic [əˈdafik] Relating to soil, especially as it affects living organisms.
E·daph·ix® [əˈdafix] Relating to fixing the soil, especially as it involves restoring nutrient levels and grassland health.